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NEW...ICE Drag System®

As anglers we are blessed with some fantastic kit to help win mans tactical battle with our aquatic friends. Here at Tackle Labs we are big fans of many of the reels available on the market today... but we want to make them even better!

That's why our Engineers developed the ICE Drag System® to create the smoothest, self lubricating quick drag system on the market! Tackle Labs materials have been specifically developed to offer perfect balance between ultra-low friction and strength. What's more, since no grease is needed in your spool it means that the drag system performs much more consistently in all weather conditions!

NOW AVAILABLE! ICE Drag System® Offering incredibly smooth, high speed drag performance for:
Daiwa: Tournament S5000T, SS2600, SS1600, SS3000, Emblem T.
Fox FX - Full Range
Wychwood Riot
Penn Infinity
Shimano 5500/14000 XTD, Speedcast 14000 XTB, Super Ultegra, XSA 4500/5500/10000/14000, XSB 4500/5500/10000/14000, XSC 4500/5500/10000/14000 and Aero Technium 10000 XSB.
Drag Washers, ICE Washers, Smooth Drag, Tackle Labs, Shimano
Future Fishing, ICE Washers, Drag Washers, Smooth Drag, Shimano, Quick Drag


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