How we started


Tackle Labs started when Angling and Engineering minds combined.  From the start it was a winning partnership allowing us to understand the problems which Anglers face, and to develop innovative Engineering solutions to improve the Angling Experience.

Why Tackle Labs?


A bubbling mix of ideas and creativity to challenge the norms of Angling as you know it. We listen to your wants and needs and use the latest technologies to make it real. We pride ourselves on developing high performance, top quality products.... products you didn't know you needed yet!


“While the material that these replacement washers are made from are kept a closely guarded secret, what I can tell you is that they transform the drag of compatible big-pit reels immeasurably” - Total Carp Magazine


“Thanks Tony Porter and Ryan Barnett at Future Fishing! Had my Ultegras' spools converted using the new ICE washers. Amazing job chaps, great service. Silky smooth and insanely quick now thanks to the conversion! Highly recommend having it done people!” - Adam Dawes


“worth every penny such a massive improvement for such a quick job! a doddle to fit no matter how new to things like this you are i guarantee you'll do them in minutes and a million percent improvement on the standard so called "instant drag" down to under half a turn from running to fight and not much further to lock up.” -  Chris Carnell